Review "Dining with Innessa"

“Once upon a time there lived a young girl…”

What a lovely fairy tale way to start a concert and what a truly fairy tale concert it was too!

It was Innessa’s clever, thoughtful idea to devise a fairy tale theme that beaded together those songs, like pearls, that are on her new album “Love-n-Jazz”!

The concert “Love-n-Jazz – Dining with Innessa” was excellent and it would be easy to run out of superlatives in describing all it entailed – singing, band, atmosphere, food, attire and prizes!

Dining with Innessa

The songs or “Pearls” were timeless jazz favourites all strung seamlessly together with the dialogue and poem quotations of a love story theme (as mentioned already); all sung beautifully in Innessa’s superb, sonorous singing style! I love Innessa’s singing and stage presence and can truly say that I have not heard a better rendition of “Cry me a river” and “How Insensitive” nor a better version of “Tennessee Waltz”!

The band presented the audience with a professional polished performance as a befitting accompaniment to Innessa’s experienced and commanding stage presence!

One could not wish a better atmosphere at the QRCC on that night!

It ranged from spontaneous enthusiastic applause after Inness’s every performance to a boisterous hubbub of convivial conversations before the concert and during intermissions in both Russian and English languages. The kind of relaxed uninhibited conversations that come from people knowing each other or getting to know each other in friendly surroundings – lots of smiles and laughter!

Food was of a standard well above that which one would expect in good restaurants!

The advertising flyers promised a sophisticated dinner and so it was.

The concert-goers were well catered for well before the concert started. There was a plethora of platters of high quality food and delicacies not to mention hot dishes during the intermission after the main concert before Innessa pressed on with the second phase of her concert of more songs and dance music.

The advertising flyers also urged the concert goers to dress in retro and promised a special prize for the best retro outfit of the night.

Innessa looked very elegant, poised and relaxed in her retro attire.

Some of the attendees did appear in retro but it would have been better if more people had come in retro attire as well..

The drawing of lucky
door prizes (over fifteen hundred dollars’ worth) brought lots of laughter and applause to the whole hall. The prize presenter was in great form carrying off the presentation with light hearted ease and all of the prize winners were delighted with their wins.

But that was not the end of this excellent, memorable concert – the music and the dancing carried on into the night drawing the happy attendees along.




Review by Ivan Renatovich

Photo by Julia Perova and LiliPhoto


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