Last night I have experienced a touch of magic… or the power of thought, whatever you call it…
We were playing a game with 5 y.o. Lileana. Before throwing a dice she said she wanted to get “SIX”. But she’s got “TWO” instead. I looked at her cunningly, took the dice, gently whispered: “Magic-magic, send me SIX” and threw it. It was SIX. Lilee got upset and impatiently threw the dice. It was only ONE. I repeated the same spell with the full heart and received SIX again. Lilee grabbed the dice, threw it with the words “I want six too!” But, alas, it was 2. Poor child was getting mad, on other hand – I was calm and content whispering my spell and throwing the dice.
I had “SIX” for SIX times in a row while Lilee was getting mostly 1 and 2. But even when she got 5 she wasn’t happy. “This is not fair! You are tricking me!” – cried out Lilee with eyes full of tears.

“Lilee, do you know what the trick is? You need to learn to be grateful for what you get. Only when you appreciate little things you will be able to receive more. So next time you get a small number try to smile and say “Thank you. I am one step closer”.
Lilee threw the dice again and saw “ONE”. This time she bowed, said “Thank you” and giggled. Her next turn she’s got SIX!
That night our game turned into a visual life lesson. And I am still in awe: I never ever had “6” for SIX times in a row!

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