The Tree

Walking in the forest is truly rejuvenating. Blessed quietness interrupted only by a pleasant chirp and the sound of twigs crackling that comes from beneath my feet eases my mind. I stroke a large tree trunk with my palm feeling its rough texture. I open my arms wide and embrace the trunk sensing the warm energy surrounding the woody surface. I stand like that for a while absorbing the calmness emanating from the tree. My cheek is pressed against the embossed bark surface, I can smell a coniferous scent. I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with the pine smell as if I was saving it for later, taking it with me to the crowded city buzzing with everyday life. It’s an old prominent tree with big branches spread wide, offering a warm hug to every traveller walking past. I am trying to see this world through the eyes of the tree: how many strangers had he hugged through all this years, how many stories had he listened to standing in the cordial embrace: silent, kind and understanding? How many beautiful sunrises had he witnessed tickled by the tenacious little claws of brisk  restless birds, being home to some furry animals, standing here abidingly and faithfully through all those years? “Thank you, tree!” I say in my mind, feeling the warmth of gratitude running through my veins, irrigating the valleys of my soul blossoming with flowers once again. I continue walking leaving the sublime posture of the hospitable tree behind, disappearing in the foliage of the forest….

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