Happy rebel

I’ve been ticking off lots of boxes, being busy. I could be proud of myself for being so productive. Instead, I felt void spreading inside me. It was time to stop and review.

This morning while everyone was asleep, I had a date with Me, a one-on-one meeting. We climbed high to see the big picture, we went into all nooks and crannies looking into details. 

Yes, I had fallen into the same trap again when things that really matter got pushed away by everyday hustle. 

I wasn’t going to bow my head submissively and join the race. Forever rebel, I was going to be relentless. 

I took a deep breath and with my firm hand pencilled into my calendar, things that matter. Things that can wait. But I can’t. I’m doing it today. I’m filling my week with the things that excite me and fill my life with purpose, then comes everything else…

I looked at my re-scheduled calendar and felt good. I felt excitement sparkling inside. I can’t wait to have a date with my husband tonight and to climb a mountain with my guitar tomorrow morning, and Saturday looks particularly inspiring. 

Life is good. 

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