We’ve been in a self-isolation mode for the last three weeks. 

Right now I am actually enjoying our self-isolation period. 

This might sound strange but I feel more connected to the outside world than ever. 
The reason? I had to adjust and start using Skype, Whatsup, Zoom and similar apps – contacting friends and family more often. I even introduced my favourite karaoke app Smule to my family in Russia and we started singing together with my mum and sisters. How cool is that! 
Now that I don’t have to drive to our appointments and events I can focus on the things that really matter. I shifted my focus on friends, family and also started spending more time on my music tasks: I finished working on my website and sent my last assignment yesterday! Hooray! I have officially finished my online musician course (it took me over a year to finish it) and my next step is ACTION. Lots of action. Yay! 

In the beginning, I was dreading homeschooling for I thought I’d have to noticeably slow down my music projects.
But the kids surprised me. They are wonderful, so independent. They can take care of themselves, they’ve been doing their homework, running around garden catching butterflies, caterpillars, jumping on trampling and swimming every day while I was working on my music tasks. 

I feel so lucky to be living in this lovely place, surrounded by nature.  But even if I am confined in my tiny room, when I do what I love (write, sing, record) the walls disappear, dissolve, and a huge Universe opens up in front of me – colourful, warm and calming. ️
And I feel free.

📸 vía @nina_carlsen_photo

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