Spring is here!

I know spring is here when I am walking along a narrow path in my little town, my mind is sunk in a thousand thoughts that seizing my attention to surroundings, and then a subtle wisp of sweet scent seeps through the thicket of my busy mind and gently pulls me out of my oblivion. I can’t help but pause and lift my eyes finding the source of this enticing smell. To my delight I see a tree studded with large white elegant flowers. I admire this marvellous view for a moment and continue walking. I feel another luscious aroma coming from the right. I tilt my head up and see a tree with red flowers, and there’s another blooming tree just ahead of me. I am walking along the path breathing in a whole gamut of various aromas, one by one as if I am walking through a perfume store. What a deliciously pleasant stroll. The spring is here.

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