Slavic Inspired Alternative Folk

Let Innessa take you to another dimension with her hauntingly beautiful melodies.

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"Perekati-Pole" - Finalist in Queensland Music Awards 2023


Your voice is superb and we were overwhelmed by your feeling and ability. Bravo. We wish you ongoing success. We don’t have an Eastern European connection, but it is important that you know this – you made that connection for us with your beautiful voice.

Ewen and Tina Thompson


Whenever I feel stuck, or some sort of dullness come over me, I reach out for Ineessa’s CD. Her music brings me into a place of harmonious joy and energetic flight – all at the same time. Maybe that is what the eagle feels when up in the air.

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You are blessed and you are a bless to the Earth, to us! You hit and cuddle us at same time with your voice. Hitting through the walls we pull up to defend ourselves and cuddling our souls. If Mother Nature walked around as a human, it would be you.

Farkas Norbert

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