concert folk horizons

Dear friend!

Welcome to my concert "Folk Horizons".

Relax back in your favourite comfortable couch, pour yourself a glass of wine and imagine that you are sitting in the cosy hall of Queensland Multicultural Centre. Join me, listen, and let the music wash over you.

Now…Let the Concert begin!  The hall is pitch black, a hundred conversations fade to complete silence…. then the curtains slowly open to….

1. “River” – Russian folk song

2. “Love is a magic world” – Soundtrack from the movie "Cruel Romance"

Misha Gursky (Ukraine) on guitar

3. “Oy u gayu pri Dunayu” – Ukrainian folk song

We are joined by Ukrainian singer Anastasiya Sukhinina and guitarist Sam Shepherd (Australia)

4. “Nese Galia vodu” – Ukrainian folk song

5. “V gornice”

Lyrics: Nikolay Rubcov Music: Alexander Morozov

We are joined by the rest of our band: Leon Tussie (drums) and Brad Wenham (bass) – Australia

6. “Belym snegom”

Lyrics: E.Rodygin  Music: G.Varshavskii

7. “Mohnatyi Shmel” – Soundtrack from the movie "Cruel Romance"

8. “Duy Duy” – Gypsy folk song

Please welcome – dancing duo “Rubies on Fire”

9. “Flowers” – Russian folk song

10. “Ay liuli”

Our final song - modernized version of a Russian folk song

THANK YOU for watching the concert “Folk Horizons”.

I hope it broadened YOUR horizons and the knowledge of foreign culture through music.

If you enjoyed watching our concert and would like to order a DVD for your collection or as a gift for your friend I have DVD+CD available for purchase. Click the pictures below to learn more:

Have a beautiful day!


Innessa 🌿