Innessa Sound

ph. 0450554614

I’m a Russian-born singer-songwriter now living in Australia, Sunshine Coast  🐨

💿 Since moving to Australia I have released four albums and a several singles:
🔸 2011 - CD "Innessa"
🔸 2015 - CD "Folkloria"
🔸 2016 - CD "Love-n-Jazz"
🔸 2017 - DVD "Folk Horizons"
+ Singles “Apart”, “It’s Time”, “Golden Wreath”, “Shallop” etc

I am currently studying Sound Production at TAFE, Brisbane.


●  Singing professionally since 19 y.o.

●  Songwriting

●  Studio recording and editing experience: Cool Edit Pro, Logic Pro, Pro Tools (currently work with Pro-Tools)

●  Arranging and co-producing music

●  Artist management experience

●  Producing shows

●  Online marketing, Facebook Ads, Website building

●  Shopify

●  Mentoring young artists

Allen Stone - Naturally

Mixed by Innessa as a part of Sound Production Assignment

Yasen - finalist at Queensland Music Awards 2017

Music/Lyrics - Innessa

Arrangements - Innessa

Vocals - Innessa

Recorded and co-produced at Glasshouse Studios

Dumb and Blind

Music/Lyrics - Innessa

Vocals - Innessa

Arranged and produced by Innessa and Igor Nosov  (Russia, 2008)


Pete The Pebble

Arrangement, Lyrics, Music, Vocals, Music Video - 10 year old Angus Joyce

Recording, editing, mentoring - Innessa

Mixing/Mastering - Andrew Karachun