Innessa’s musical adventure started with a passion for writing poetry at the tender age of 8. Her poetry was filled with vivid observations of her surroundings at home in central Russia. Her poems were first published in a newspaper when she was only 12 y.o.

At age 9, Innessa was invited to join the local choir and began her lifelong passion for music and performing.

After several years of expanding her vocal talents Innessa was introduced to the guitar and by the age of 16 she had combined her poetry, signing and guitar skills and started performing her original compositions.

Since arriving in Australia three studio albums have been released: “Innessa”, “Folkloria” and “Love-n-Jazz”. 

Innessa has performed at some of Australia’s largest festivals like the Canberra Multicultural Folk Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival.  Innessa’s song “Yasen” has been selected as a finalist in Queensland Music Awards in 2017 and her song "Perekati-Pole became a finalist in 2023.

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