July 8, 2024

The story behind the Fundraiser

I am currently in the middle of my first Queensland tour in support of my album "Golden Wreath".

It started on the 24th of May with a concert organised by BEMAC as a part of the "BEMAC’s Unplugged series."

I also organised my own concert on the 29th of June at The Playhouse, Maleny. It was such a unique event in the cosy intimate settings of Maleny theatre, with Georgian chef Rezo cooking mouth-watering shashlik on the veranda, Slavic desserts by The Sweet Choice and accordion playing during guests' arrival. 

This event was sold out one week in advance and we had to re-arrange sitting to let more people to enjoy the night. I could not be happier!

And look, we made it into the newspaper again! 🤩 

I also got to share my music at Ipswich Spark Festival during WOMI last weekend. It was a lovely day, so many familiar faces!

I am happy to announce the last concert as part of my tour.

🕰️ 10:30 am Sunday 14 July

 📍Newnham Hotel, Mt. Gravatt

 🎟️ $25 - $37 (Delicious food included!)

10:30 am - Morning tea and mingling

11:00am  - Concert: Innessa and Benjamin Drozdovskii and Misha Gursky

12:pm - Drink, conversations, signing CDs.

It's a family-friendly place with a Playground around the corner, plenty of space and a lovely outside area.

It is going to be a very inspiring and meaningful Sunday morning!

Innessa - Fundraiser poster

The story behind

So, what made me to put together this event? 

Ivan the roadie

Well, I have a friend, IvanHe used to come to every concert. Sadly, he cannot attend my concerts anymore. He mentioned that he goes to Newnham Hotel for lunch sometimes. So I decided if he can’t come to my concert, my concert will come to him.

A couple of years ago, Ivan spent at least 3 months in aged care to receive the necessary assistance. This is when I came to him with my concert for the first time and performed in front of Mt.Gravatt TriCare residents. Some of them had dementia. It was very rewarding to see how deeply music could touch them.

They invited me back, and since then, I’ve been regularly playing in different Aged Care Facilities.

When I decided to organise the morning tea concert, I had the idea of adding extra meaning to this event by turning it into a Fundraiser for Dementia Australia since I regularly perform for residents with dementia.

Working in aged care facilities made me notice what a profound effect music can have on people and those with dementia. 

Innessa and Ivan
Innessa and Ivan

I remember playing a small concert for the residents of Pine Lodge Home for Aged. When I was wrapping up and getting the equipment into the car, one gentleman came to me and said:

'You have a very special voice. It sounds like... m-m-m... home. I don't know how to explain.'

'Makes you feel cozy?' I laughed.

'Yes, your voice is cozy. That's right.'"

So come to my cosy Morning Tea Concert on the 14th of July. Enjoy heartfelt music and delicious canapes, get inspired and contribute to a good cause! 

And even if you are far away and can't attend in person, you can still be a part of this fundraiser by donating a few coins and watching the concert online. I will send you a link to see it live.

Join me for the last event of my first tour! ☺️ 🎶

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